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Commission/Contact Info:



Commission Status: Open

$20/hour + Cost of materials/shipping(if applicable)

Preferred Payment Type:
Paypal, and Ko-Fi. Mailed checks are also accepted!

How to start:
Send me an email or message detailing what you'd like to have made and I'll figure out how long it will take and send you a quote!

Some good details to include:
Medium(digital, watercolor, ink drawing, etc), size, if there is a background/how complex you'd like it to be, photo references or good written descriptions, or any other relevant details. The more info, the better! If you aren't sure and want me to take some artistic liberties, that's perfectly okay too!

1) At least half of the price needs to be paid up front in exchange for the first sketch. The second half must be paid before high resolution files are emailed or physical pieces are mailed.

2) Clients will have 2 opportunities to request edits to the sketch stage and can request minor edits to colored pieces, this is included in the original price quote. I am more than happy to do additional edits outside of this but major changes to colored work or additional rounds of sketch edits will add to the final cost.

3) I will draw just about anything(pets, your original characters, fanart, buildings, logos, concept art, your book, etc) but do not offer NSFW art.

4) Single pieces are often finished 1-2 weeks once ordered but if you need it ASAP, let me know!

5) If you have a big project(a book, comic, graphic design work for business use or commercial sale, several pieces of concept art, etc), a contract will need to be signed.

If you have any further questions or concerns,
please email me and I'll be happy to answer them!

My email:


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Paige Critchlow

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